Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Days of Summer

Summer is hanging on and although I really can't wait to bring out some Fall scarves and sweaters, I admire its tenacity!
Scalloped Purse Doubles as a Fan. 
 It makes me wonder about the seasons and how everything fits together. The one thing I really enjoy about Summer is bike riding and feeling the wind flying past when you go down a really big hill.

Thinking about Fall and Fun.

This dress is
perfect for biking all around town! It also has a pocket which I love. It's all about relaxing when it's hot and enjoying the last days of Summer. 
Feel the Breeze in Flutter Sleeves.
What do you admire in your life?

What's I'm Wearing Now~ 

Handmade blue top, fringe necklace, and ring from FHF
Dress, boots and purse, C&C


  1. girl, you are so adorable!



  2. Thanks you are too sweet to me!!! I have the internet back so here is to posting more! All I need now is a real camera ;)

  3. i love this outfit!
    i am trying to enjoy indian summer, but secretly pining for autumn, too...

  4. lookin good! I love that blue top..great outfit!

  5. Autumn is my favorite time of year! I can't wait, thank you ladies!

  6. oh so pretty! We're hanging out for spring/summer over here in the Southern Hemisphere...and yet i feel like i didn't really have enough time to be rugged up in winter?

  7. Thanks Teeny! It seems like time goes too fast no matter what the season is. I guess we need to enjoy time with friends and family in whatever weather we have! :)