Monday, September 26, 2011

Outfit Post: Walk with the Animal Prints

Something about animal prints makes me want to be in a black & white picture. They seem classy and rebellious all at the same time, and animal prints always seem to reappear in fashion every season. This stunning cut had the quarter sleeves and collar which is a great transitional piece that can be used throughout the seasons. Its lightweight cotton is breathable and leaves the lady looking like she's ready to take a bite out of life! 

A simple necklace works well with the print

Love the sleeves!
Pop up the collar  and go.

Red lips and a Pork Chop Rules ring

A touch-up and then your off...
                                                               What I'm Wearing Now:

                                                              Dress, Crimson & Clover
                                                               Ring, Pork Chop Rules
                                                            Plastic Rings Necklace, Gap

Monday, September 19, 2011

Prints on Parade

Feeling like making a mash up with prints and colors after a weekend full of fun, friends, good food and drinks! Love the elephants on this dress. I saw my farming friend Kellan at an event this weekend and she mentioned she may have an extra camera lying around for me, which would be wonderful to continue with some more varied photos.  I also hung out with the amazing Kerry D who is one of the most supportive, charming, and stylish ladies. I am looking forward to more fun and fashion with her in the future. 

This owl purse is sure to be a 'hoot-hit', especially for my bike adventures.

Mixing prints but keeping it in the cool color scheme.

One of my favorite necklaces, from FHF

You can't go wrong with fluttery sleeves. These are short and sweet!

Up Close and Personal, Butterfly Ring by Porkchop Rules.

Yellow Elephants and flowers making friends...

Love the details....till next time
What I'm Wearing Now~

Elephant dress, Crimson and Clover
Belt, Target
Flower Sweater, gifted from a friend
Necklace, FHF
Butterfly ring, Porkchop Rules
Owl Purse, Kris of Butt-Ugly

 Love the Zombies and Kerry and J this is for you! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Feathers and Freedom

The first overcast day brings plaid and feathers out of my closet. 
I think the hairpiece speaks for itself and sometimes in an outfit
that is what you need. Especially when contemplating both the 
Dark and Light sides of oneself. A moody story in pictures.

Turn Around

Even in doubt...

Something is happening...

Thinking of blue sky...

A Dance.

Feathers & Flights of Freedom
Till next time... 

What I'm Wearing Now~

Hairpiece with vintage feathers and rhinestones, C&C
Feather and crystal earrings, Flaming Hag Folkwear
Plaid Shirt, Free Bin 
Sweater and leggings, The Loft

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Days of Summer

Summer is hanging on and although I really can't wait to bring out some Fall scarves and sweaters, I admire its tenacity!
Scalloped Purse Doubles as a Fan. 
 It makes me wonder about the seasons and how everything fits together. The one thing I really enjoy about Summer is bike riding and feeling the wind flying past when you go down a really big hill.

Thinking about Fall and Fun.

This dress is
perfect for biking all around town! It also has a pocket which I love. It's all about relaxing when it's hot and enjoying the last days of Summer. 
Feel the Breeze in Flutter Sleeves.
What do you admire in your life?

What's I'm Wearing Now~ 

Handmade blue top, fringe necklace, and ring from FHF
Dress, boots and purse, C&C